ESAG publishing house

Since 2020, the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece (ESAG) has started its own publishing house in collaboration with well-established companies in Switzerland (inFolio) and in Greece (Melissa books). ESAG edits and publishes studies in archaeology and history of Ancient Greece, in particular on the sites of Eretria and Amarynthos, where the School is active. Most of the authors are researchers from Swiss universities.

ESAG provides the following editorial services: standardisation and proofreading of the manuscript by a professional proofreader, page layout and image processing, production of plans, marketing in collaboration with our distributors, open access distribution and metadata. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least one independent reviewer and by an internal peer-review committee.

All works published by ESAG are available in open access on its website and on a second permanent institutional repository (zenodo.org).


The ERETRIA series

The ERETRIA series, which was started in 1968, presents the final publication of the Swiss excavations and research in Eretria.
25 volumes have been published up to date and new volumes are in preparation.
All volumes of the Eretria Series are available in open access.

Catalog of exhibition

“ERETRIA. Insight into an ancient city”, a catalog of the exhibition organised by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and in the Antikenmuseum Basel and Sammlung Ludwig, 2010.

Archaeological guide of Eretria

“ERETRIA. A Guide to the Ancient City” has been published (2004). It offers the most up-to-date synthesis of a century of exploration in Eretria.

Reports in Antike Kunst

Antike Kunst peer reviewed journal publishes annual reports and thematic articles. They are reproduced here by courtesy of Antike Kunst.

Annual public reports

An annual report of the School’s scientific activities is published for a wide audience. Since 2015 bilingual reports are available in French-German and Greek-English.

Neoclassical Eretria

“ΕΡΕΤΡΙΑ | ΝΕΑ ΨΑΡΑ” is a book by Ferdinand Pajor published by Melissa editions in 2010 about the modern town of Eretria. The book retraces the discovery of Eretria in the 19th and 20th centuries and focuses on the urban fabric of the modern town.

ἀποβάτης – Euboean Essays in Honor of Karl Reber

Karl Reber has been exploring the rich cultural heritage of the Greek island of Euboea for more than forty years. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, his former students dedicate this volume of essays to him, entitled ἀποβάτης. The twenty-three contributions are devoted to ancient finds, recent discoveries and new ideas on the ancient city of Eretria, the nearby sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia and the Euboean countryside from the Mycenaean to the Imperial period.

The sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in Amarynthos

Published in 2023, this booklet presents the results of the excavations carried out between 2017 and 2020 at the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in Amarynthos (Euboea) by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea.

Bibliographical database

A bibliographical database related to ancient Eretria is available online. It has recently been enlarged to cover Euboea.

Should you know of any publication that does not appear in this database, feel free to contact us.