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Swiss excavations in Eretria (painting by Spyros Vasiliou, 1971)

Since 1964, Swiss archaeologists have been excavating and studying the remains of the ancient city of Eretria, on the island of Euboea, in cooperation with the Greek archaeological authorities. In 1975, the Swiss Archaeological Mission received the official title of Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece. It is the only permanent Swiss archaeological project outside Switzerland. Storyline

Its main goals are to develop the cultural relations between Greece and Switzerland, to promote archaeological and historical projects in Greece, in particular on the site of Eretria, to protect and develop the ancient remains and to encourage the training of young archaeologists. The Swiss School enables numerous professors, scholars and students from Swiss universities to enter into close contact with the historical and archaeological past of Greece, as well as the country’s current realities.

Research activities take place mainly on the island of Euboea, and in particular in the territory of the ancient polis of Eretria, but the School also endorses Swiss archaeological projects elsewhere in Greece. Research projects

Both a training and a research center, the School also encourages professional careers in classical archaeology. More than 30 master theses and doctoral dissertations on Eretrian subjects have been completed in the last decade. Each year students from Swiss universities can take part in field projects (excavations and surveys) and museum studies (pottery and other artefacts). Students

The ERETRIA series constitute the publication of the excavation results. Since 1968, 25 volumes have appeared. The annual reports are printed every year in the journal Antike Kunst. Publications

In Switzerland, the School is based at the University of Lausanne. In Greece, it owns an apartment in Athens —which includes offices, a lecture room, and furnished rooms— and a dig house in Eretria. Scholars and professors from Swiss universities can benefit from this infrastructure. Facilities

The Foundation of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece is the school’s regulating body. The Foundation’s president is Pascal Broulis, former member of the Council of State of Vaud. The activities of the School are funded by grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Swiss Confederation, Swiss universities, and private donors (individuals, foundations and companies). Funding research

Swiss excavations in Eretria (painting by Spyros Vasiliou, 1975)