Fieldwork 2019

Excavations in the Artemision of Amarynthos (Euboea)

The 2019 fieldwork at Amarynthos focused on the exploration of the core of the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia. The foundations of the altar were uncovered in extenso and the plan of several buildings previously known was completed, such as the monumental edifice of the 7th century BC, as well as the large East stoa whose southern wing was discovered. Among this year’s noteworthy finds stands a fragment of a decree mentioning the toponym “Amarynthos”.

Geophysical survey and exploratory trenches in the periphery of the sanctuary also provided a better understanding of the spatial extension of the Artemision.

Gymnasium of Eretria

The 2019 fieldwork aimed at clarifying the location of racetracks around the Palaestra of the Gymnasium at Eretria. Ground resistance measurements yielded evidence for the existence of a xystos and a paradromis west of the Palaestra, already attested by an inscription.

A series of exploratory trenches opened to the south of the Palaestra uncovered a tile channel parallel to the façade of the building as well as a carefully leveled layer of clay. These two structures substantiate the hypothesis of a stadium in the flat stretch of land between the theatre and the Sebasteion.

Gymnasium 2019

Underwater excavation at Kiladha (Argolid)

The objective of the underwater project in the Bay of Kiladha and the Lambayanna zone, where an important Early Bronze Age settlement was discovered in 2014, was twofold. First, to study the finds stored in the premises of the Ephorate of Underwater Archaeology in Athens and secondly, to follow up the survey of structures on-site. A new bathymetric system was also tested which proved efficient. A small underwater cave was discovered during the exploration of the bay. It was probably connected to a freshwater spring and provided an ideal shelter during Prehistoric times before sea level rise.


Since 1964, Swiss archaeologists excavate and study ancient Eretria (Euboea island). The ERETRIA series present the final results of the main excavations and discoveries of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece.

ERETRIA XXIII is the last volume released. It describes the structures and finds of the Classical and Hellenistic period discovered in the Bouratza plot, at the center of Eretria near the ancient agora, which was excavated from 1979 to 1981 by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece.



Kristine Gex


Klassische und hellenistische Funde und Befunde aus dem Grundstück Bouratza (Ausgrabung 1979–1981)

ISBN 978-2-88474-412-6