ἀποβάτης – Collection of Essays in Honor of Karl Reber

Edited by Guy Ackermann – Tobias Krapf – Laureline Pop

Karl Reber has been exploring the rich cultural heritage of the Greek island of Euboea for more than forty years. He was director of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece from 2007 to 2021 and conducted several excavations in Eretria and Amarynthos. On the occasion of his 65th birthday and his retirement after fifteen years as a Professor at the University of Lausanne, his former students dedicate a collection of essays to him, entitled ἀποβάτης. The twenty-three contributions are devoted to ancient finds, recent discoveries and new ideas on the ancient city of Eretria, the nearby sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia and the Euboean countryside from the Mycenaean to the Imperial period.

2020, 172 pages in French and German, Paperback, 21x21cm, numerous color illustrations and plans. Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece editions, Lausanne.

ISBN 978-2-8399-3122-9



Summary and Foreword



ἀποβάτης open access

ἀποβάτης open access