Thierry Theurillat, Guy Ackermann, Marc Duret and Simone Zurbriggen, Les thermes du centre

ERETRIA XXV presents the study of Roman baths excavated by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece between 2009 and 2014 in Eretria (Euboea, Greece). Built shortly after the middle of the 2nd century AD at the center of the ancient city, these small-scale thermae conform to the traditional layout and include the characteristic rooms of the Roman bathhouses of the Imperial period. Several nearby kilns were used to produce lime for the construction of the baths. Converted into a rubbish dump after they were taken out of service, they yielded a rich assemblage related to the use of the baths. The abandonment of the bathing building took place shortly after the middle of the 3rd century AD, as evidenced by a treasure of 201 Antoninians hidden in the sewer of the baths. The book concludes with a discussion on the Imperial period in Eretria, bathing practices and their evolution as well as thermal baths in Greece.

With contributions by Rocco Tettamanti (catalog), Benoît Dubosson (mosaics), Laureline Pop (sculpture), Marek Palaczyk  (transport amphorae), Solange Bernstein (lamps), Brigitte Demierre Prikhod­kine (glass and limekilns), Sofia Raszy and Benoît Pittet (small finds), Marguerite Spoerri Butcher M. (coins), Tatiana Theodoropoulou (maritime faunal remains), Angelos Gkotsinas (terrestrial faunal remains), Evi Margaritis and Clémence Pagnoux (plant remains), Arnaud Coutelas (mortar analysis), Despoina Kondopoulou, Irene Zananiri and Gwenaël Hervé (archaeomagnetic study).

2020, 2 vol. of 232 and 172 pages in French, German and English with summaries in French, German, English and Greek, Paperback, 22x30cm, numerous color illustrations and plans. ESAG & Infolio co-publishers.

ISBN 978-2-88474-414-0 (print), 978-2-88474-348-8 (digital), DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4971978

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About the authors

Thierry Theurillat is the Scientific secretary of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece. He directed the excavation of the Roman baths in Eretria from 2009 to 2014 and the related publication.

Guy Ackermann is a member of the French School of Athens. He is the author of a volume in the Eretria collection on Hellenistic pottery from Eretria (Eretria XXIV, 2020).

Marc Duret is a specialist in trade relations in the Roman period.

Simone Zurbriggen conducts research on the Roman pottery from Eretria as part of her doctoral thesis at the University of Basel.

Content and abstract

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