Eretria XX

Samuel Verdan, Anne Kenzelmann Pfyffer, Claude Léderrey, Geometric pottery from Eretria (in French)

Euboean Geometric pottery is interesting in many respects. Its style displays a rich combination of local and imported elements. While retaining features inherited from the Protogeometric period, it shows evidence of strong influences from Attic and Corinthian workshops. Its large diffusion around the Mediterranean -from the Levant to Spain, from Rome to Carthage, as well as Cyprus, Crete, Sicily and Sardinia- makes it an essential point of reference. In Euboea, the vast majority of such a pottery is to be found in Eretria.

The book presents the pottery found in 9 pits and a well discovered by Swiss archaeologists in the sanctuary of Apollo Daphnephoros and the West Quarter. These finds, whose discovery contexts are well known, offer new insights into the evolution of shapes and decoration between the Middle Geometric II and Late Geometric periods.

Although the corpus of study is drawn from Eretria, the book deals with Euboean pottery as a whole. Points of contact between the main chronologies of Attic and Corinthian vases are thoroughly discussed. As such, this book is to become a new landmark in the studies of Geometric pottery.

2008, 1 vol. in French with summary in German, English and Greek, 256 pages, paperback, 22 x 30 cm, numerous illustrations, b/w. Infolio editions, Gollion.
ISBN 2-88474-409-6

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