Eretria XII

Nina MekacherHellenistic terracotta figurines (in German)

Nina Mekacher’s study presents terracotta statuettes and appliques dating from the second half of the 4th and 5th centuries B.C found during Swiss excavations in Eretria (1964-1994). The author discusses their technique and iconography, as well as their archaeological contexts. Interestingly, objects of higher quality appear to have come from private dwellings whereas cheap mass-produced ware predominates in sanctuaries.


Marek Palaczyk, Esther Schönenberger, Amphorae stamps. Excavations 1964-2001 (in German)

The 219 stamped amphora handles from Eretria presented here date from the second quarter of the 5th century to the Sullan destruction in 86 B.C. A single example testifies to the production of amphoras in Eretria itself; the bulk of the finds are imports from the islands, mostly from Knidos. The authors identify several new types of stamps and propose to refine the chronology of a few stamps according to their archaeological context.

2003, 256 pages with numerous plans and pictures. ISBN 2-88474-400-2

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