Wednesday 1 February 2017

International Workshop

The forthcoming workshop entitled “Pottery Production at Eretria (Euboea) from Early Helladic to Hellenistic Times” is the outcome of an ongoing collaborative project between the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, The Fitch laboratory of the British School at Athens and the CNRS. This interdisciplinary program combines macroscopic, petrographic and chemical analyses towards a diachronic investigation of pottery production and supply on the site from the early third millennium (Early Bronze Age) to the end of the first millennium BC (Hellenistic period). The main objective is to characterise, both compositionally and technologically, local Eretrian production tracing variations and changes in local craftsmanship over time, but also imported vessels investigating the site’s changing role in regional and interregional networks.

Venue: Lausanne University, Anthropole building, room 2055/3017

Schedule: Thursday 02/03, 9.45-17.00; Friday 03/03, 9.00-17.00

S. Müller Celka (sylvie.muller-celka@mom.fr)
Karl Reber (karl.reber@unil.ch)
Thierry Theurillat (thierry.theurillat@unil.ch)
Tobias Krapf (tobias.krapf@esag.swiss)

Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece

Fitch Laboratory – British School at Athens

CNRS – Laboratoire Archéorient