Eretria XIV

Sandrine Huber, The Sacrifical area north of the Sanctuary of Apollo Daphnephoros. A Geometric and Archaic ritual (in French)

The sacrificial area discovered to the north of the Sanctuary of Apollo Daphnephoros, the tutelary divinity of Eretria, was in use from the late 8th century BC. Around a circular altar lay thousands of miniature hydriae, along with several high-necked Archaic jugs decorated with female figures, numerous Oriental imports and animal bones. After a careful study of the excavation data, Sandrine Huber describes the rites carried out in the area for over two centuries. Attributed to Artemis, the cult may have been practised by the women of the city.

2003, 2 vols. in French, paperback, 22 x 30 cm, with numerous plans and pictures, b/w. Infolio editions, Gollion.
ISBN 2-88474-402-9

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