Eretria X

Karl Reber, The Classical and Hellenistic Houses in the West Quarter (in German)
with contributions by Monica Brunner, Effy Kassapoglou, Ingrid R. Metzger, Philippe Mottet and Esther Schönenberger

The West Quarter of the Eretria consists of a number of rich, private houses, including Houses I, II and IV. These houses were built at the beginning of the 4th century BC along the city wall and belong to a previously unknown type of the so-called double-courtyard house. This type of house distinguishes a clear separation between the representation space with andrones (dining rooms) and peristyl courtyard and the private space with courtyard, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The ground plan corresponds to the description of the Greek residential building by Vitruvius. At the turn of the 4th and 3rd century, the houses were divided into individual apartments. For instance, workshops were installed in the courtyard of House IV. In the course of the 3rd century BC the houses were destroyed and abandoned, excepted House I which was restored in the 2nd century, resulting in two independent houses.

1998, 270 pages with numerous plans and pictures. ISBN 2-601-03214-6

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