Eretria VIII

Pierre Ducrey, Ingrid R. Metzger et Karl Reber, The House of the Mosaics (in French and German)

This book proposes an in-depth study of the House of the Mosaics, excavated by the Swiss School between 1972 and 1980. The authors discuss the architectural and urban aspects of the district, as well as the study of significant finds (pottery, figurines, architectural ornaments, statuettes, coins, inscriptions, small objects).

Built at the beginning of the 4th century BC along the two main axes of the ancient city, the House of the Mosaics is a rich dwelling house with double courtyard. It owes its name to the pavements of mosaics with pebbles which adorned ten of the fifteen rooms of the house, of which some display figurative representations: Gorgoneion, Nereid, fighting Arimaspes and griffins, hunting scenes, etc. The House of the Mosaics was destroyed by a fire in the early 3rd century BC. A monumental tomb was then built above these ruins, before the sector is reoccupied, in imperial times, by modest domestic installations and workshops.

1993, 192 pages with numerous plans and pictures. ISBN 2-601-03119-0

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