Eretria III

Claude Bérard, The Heroon at the West Gate (in French).

The author presents the exceptional burials and associated finds excavated in 1965 south of the West Gate of Eretria. Dated from the end of the VIIIth to the beginning of the VIIth century BC, the burial ground, protected by a temenos-wall, was located near the main access to the ancient city from Chalkis. This strategic situation as well as the wealth of the offerings are evidence of the high status of the people buried there, certainly members of the local nobility. In the first quarter of the VIIth century BC, the burial ground was covered with a triangular monument made of stone slabs, which marked the place of these “princely” graves. Later, buildings and finds attests to a heroic cult that took place nearby.

1970, 75 pages, 19 plates and 4 plans. ISBN 3-7720-0338-9

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