Monday 12 September 2011

New publication

Early Iron Age Pottery: A Quantitative Approach. Proceedings of the International Round Table organized by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece (Athens 2008). BAR S2254 2011

Quantitative approaches in ceramology are gaining ground in excavation reports, archaeological publications and thematic studies. Hence, a wide variety of methods are being used depending on the researchers’ theoretical premise, the type of material which is examined, the context of discovery and the questions that are addressed. The round table that took place in Athens on November 2008 was intended to offer the participants the opportunity to present a selection of case studies on the basis of which methodological approaches were discussed. The aim was to define a set of guidelines for quantification that would prove to be of use to all researchers.


Samuel Verdan, Introduction

Catherine Morgan, Isthmia and beyond. How can quantification help the analysis of EIA sanctuary deposits?

Michael Kerschner, Approaching aspects of cult practice and ethnicity in Early Iron Age Ephesos using quantitative analysis of a Protogeometric deposit from the Artemision

Ivonne Kaiser, Laura-Concetta Rizzotto and Sara Strack, Development of a ceramic cultic assemblage: Analyzing pottery from Late Helladic IIIC through Late Geometric Kalapodi

Sara Strack, ‘Erfahrungsbericht’ of application of different quantitative methods at Kalapodi

Birgitta Eder, The Early Iron Age sanctuary at Olympia: counting sherds from the Pelopion excavations (1987-1996)

Jean-Marc Luce, L’aire du pilier des Rhodiens à Delphes: Essai de quantification du mobilier

David A. Mitchell and Irene S. Lemos, A new approach in ceramic statistical analyses: Pit 13 on Xeropolis at Lefkandi

Vicky Vlachou, Households and workshops at Early Iron Age Oropos: A quantitative approach of the fine, wheel-made pottery

Stefanos Gimatzidis, Counting sherds at Sindos: Pottery consumption and construction of identities in the Iron Age

Jean-Sébastien Gros, Analyse quantitative du mobilier céramique des fouilles de Xombourgo à Ténos et le cas des supports de cuisson

Emanuela Santaniello, Defining a typology of pottery from Gortyn: The material from a pottery workshop pit

Antonis Kotsonas, Quantification of ceramics from Early Iron Age tombs

Xenia Charalambidou, Quantitative analysis of the pottery from the Early Iron Age necropolis of Tsikalario on Naxos

Vladimir Stissi, Finding the Early Iron Age in field survey: Two case studies from Boeotia and Magnesia

Samuel Verdan, Pottery quantification: Some guidelines