Eretria VII

Ingrid R. Metzger, The Thesmophorion of Eretria. Finds and structures of the sanctuary (in German).

Ingrid R. Metzger studies the so-called a sanctuary and the associated material discovered by Greek archaeologist K. Davaras on the southern slopes of the Acropolis of Eretria. Hundreds of terracotta statuettes and vases, mainly drinkink vessels, covering the whole span of the 5th and the 4th century BC, were found there. Among the figurines, standing and sitting women as well as teenagers and children are particularly well represented. The identitiy of the divinity worshipped in the sanctuary is not attested by direct evidence, but the finds relating to the practice of a chthonian cult point toward a Thesmophoreion.

1985, 94 pages and 31 plates. ISBN 3-7720-1590-5

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