Eretria VI

Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Euboeans in Australia (in English).
Christiane Dunant, Funerary stelae (in French).
Ingrid R. Metzger, Vase with Lotus Palmette Decoration (in German).
Ingrid R. Metzger, Finds from the Pyrai (in German).
Claude Bérard, Topography and urbanism of Archaic Eretria: the Heroon (in French).

Volume VI of the Eretria Series gathers five contributions by scholars of the Swiss School.
Jean-Paul Descoeudres analyses 40 fragments of Euboean pottery from the Geometric and Archaic periods discovered in the excavations of Al Mina by Sir Leonard Woolley and now in Nicholson Museum in Sydney.
Christiane Dunant publishes an funerary epigram and a corpus of 186 steles for the most part discovered in the West Quarter of Eretria.
Ingrid R. Metzger studies vases with palmettes and lotus flowers. In a second chapter, she presents several votive deposits (pyrai) nearby House II in the West Quarter, containing statuettes, vases and lamps.
Claude Bérard returns to the Heroon near the West Gate to address the question of its strategic location within the city in the Geometric and Archaic periods.

1978, 96 pages, 61 plates and 2 plans. ISBN 3-7720-1418-6

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