Eretria V

André Hurst, Schadows of Euboea (in French)
Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Geometric and Archaic pottery from the West Gate (in German)
Paul Auberson, The Dionysos Temple (in French)

Volume V in the Eretria series gathers three different papers. André Hurst presents the personal names and place-names in Euboea as known from the mycenian tablets. Jean-Paul Descoeudres analyses the Iron Age and Archaic pottery discovered in the excavations of the West Gate. Paul Auberson studies the architecture of the temple of Dionysos. Although only the foundations of the building are preserved, the meticulous examination of the remains allows the author to propose a sound restitution as well as a well argumented chronology for this monument.

1976, 67 pages, 13 plates and 9 plans. ISBN 3-7720-1176-4

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