Eretria IV

Clemens Krause, The West Gate (in German)

More than sixty years after its discovery by Greek archaeologist K. Kourouniotis, Clemens Krause started new excavations of the West Gate, which was the main access to the ancient city from Chalkis. Four different phases of contruction were determined. A first rubble stone wall was build in the VIIth century BC to channel the river, which flood the plain where the city developed. The first door was built in the VIth century BC and was transformed on several occasions during the following centuries, in particular by the addition of two square towers made of mud bricks. The last major modification happened during the 2nd century BC: a massive rectangular building was erected in front of the gate and over the river. The history of the West Gate is compared to the development of similar structures in the Greek world.

1972, 87 pages, 39 plates and 17 plans. ISBN 3-7720-0047-9

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