Δευτέρα 2 Μαρτίου 2015

Open Meeting – Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece – 2015

March 12, 2015 19:00.

Speaker: Lorenzo Amberg (Swiss ambassador), Karl Reber (dir. of the School), Jean Terrier (Prof. Geneva University).

Acropolis Museum in Athens, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens 11742.

The fieldwork of the Swiss School in 2014

Karl Reber, director of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, will present the School’s fieldwork in 2014:

Eretria (Euboea): excavations in the gymnasium
Amarynthos (Euboea): excavations in the Artemision
Mazi (Attica): survey in the Mazi plain
Kiladha (Argolid): underwater survey near Franchthi cave

Stoa of the Artemision at Amarynthos (2014)

Conference by Jean Terrier (Cantonal Archaeologist and Professor at Geneva University

Geneva University archaeological mission in Croatia: 11 years of fieldworks on the medieval site of Guran, Istria.
The Swiss archaeological mission in Croatia carried out a project from 2002 until 2013 in collaboration with Zagreb University to study the settlement pattern and organisation of the rural space of southern Istria during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Its main focus has been the early medieval fortified settlement of Guran in south Istria the origin of which is dated to the Carolingian period and is abandoned in the late Middle ages. Excavations uncovered the two main churches of St Simon and St Cecilia, the fortifications with a monumental gate as well as dwelling houses.

Guran, Saint-Cecilia Church